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      Cool USA University funding for my son

      My work are moving me to the USA early 2012 and I need some advice on university information?

      I have a son who is 16, who will likely want to study in the USA if thats where we are living at that point. Assuming we are/have been residents for more than a year before he applies to any Universities in the USA Is he entitled to take Univeristy loans just like a US citizen? how do these loans work tuition fees, etc...? anyone out there know?

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      Alrite mate, welcome to the party, someone will be along very soon to help with your questions. Enjoy the forum mate SWAG

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      Hi and welcome to the forum, unfortunately I have no idea on America but I have found this booklet that may help http://www.gcsu.edu/financialaid/doc...School0910.pdf

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      Check out this site http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
      his may be of some help to you! Good Luck!


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