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      Want to move to LA

      Hi, My partner and I would like to move to LA for a little while and enjoy the wonderful delights it can offer. Unfortunately I do not have a degree but a have a few A Levels. I left school a long time ago as Im 40 years of age. My partner on the other hand is younger at 29 and has a Marketing degree.

      I have worked as PA for a number of years and have recently moved into Marketing and Im currently doing my CIM Marketing Exams..(Chartered Institute of Marketing) as is my partner.

      In and ideal world we would like sponsorship from a company to do this but of course our jobs re not skilled and there are many US citizens who can do what we can do.

      Im also an Artist and Im looking to have an art gallery showing by the end of the year whereby I can sell some of my paintings. Im clutching at anything that can help me get in and wondered if anyone out there can advise us as to what we can do.

      Any advice is much appreciated.


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      Hi there, maybe a good start is to go over there for a holiday (if you haven't already done that?). See what you think of the place. You would need to check out the Visa regs for UK citizens, but, usually, you can stay up to 6 months (as long as you have a return air ticket). That way you get to feel the place for an extended period of time, maybe make some contacts etc. Main goal would be to try and find a place to stay for the 6 months, so you don't pay motel bills. Have you thought of registering on one of those 'House Sit' sites? That way you get to live there for free whilst Housesitting someone's property. Re U.S. visa regulations, maybe check out the U.S. Immigaration website or research current Visa regs and possibilities online. I think your age may go against you, as I think you need to be under 30 yrs to obtain any kind of work-study type visa..but maybe not. c3pd.