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      Florida Redhead
      If you were born in Germany, you would be able to apply for the Diversity Visa 2011. I think you have to apply October to December.
      A friend of mine from Ireland was successful a few years ago.
      She had 2 sons living here, and it allowed her to spend her winters in the sun, staying with her boys, working in a retail store, and spend her summers in Ireland.....perfect for her.
      Another little bit of advice.....don't call yourself "Miss Naughty" if you want to get into the USA!

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      Quote Originally Posted by traveller View Post
      I guess the simplest answer is that you have a choice of three - marrying a US citizen, moving a business here or getting an employer to sponsor you.
      Sorry to hijack the post, but you mentioned moving a business there...
      I'm also keen to move to the US, I run my own IT business here (its now just me thanks to the recession)... What's the deal?



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