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      What additional child immunisations required in CA?

      Were moving to California next month and i just wanted to check/confirm what additional child immunisations are required other than the standard UK ones for entry into Californian schools. My kids are fully immunised in the UK but i believe there are one or two additional that state law requires? Can anyone advise?

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      Check out the school website of the county you will be living in. I know where we are my kids required the Chicken Pox, Hep B and a MMR booster if they had their last MMR jab before the age of 4. Some counties also require the Flu jab, in some counties it's optional. If you are moving in a month it will be too late to start the Chicken Pox and Hep B as both are multiple shots, Chicken Pox is 2 shots, Hep B is 3 shots. Your children may be allowed to start school once they have had the first shot, that depends on the school and county policy. Make sure your healthcare insurance works from day one, otherwise it's going to be expensive, we couldn't find a doctor who would start the jabs without giving a full physical first.