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      Bogota, Colombia

      Hi, I'm thinking of moving to Bogota in Colombia in January, a friend is moving there because of a transfer with work for three months and seriously thinking of going with her to work and see a bit more of the world. Currently live in the UK. I was wondering if anybody had advice on finding work, I have searched the internet and I'm not having much luck finding information. Also what kind of work permits are needed etc thanks if anyone can help x

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      Hey, Thank You for your reply
      Well I am qualified as a Makeup Artist and work in England in Administration, as I don't speak much Spanish though I thought it would be difficult to work for a big organisation or something like that as it will probably be required that I can speak the language well. I really don't mind what work I do whilst out there as originally it will only be for 3 months but will see how it goes when I get there, waitressing, anything. I just can't seem to find information anywhere. x

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      Hi lizzyh2 and welcome!

      I had a quick Google for working in Colombia and the information is sparse to say the least but hopefully Sheena will find something to get you started.

      Do you need a visa for Colombia? I know the States has a visa waiver programme for most people coming on holiday but what's the deal with travelling to Colombia?

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      Liz H


      Hi Lizzyh2,
      Googled : workpermits/visa Bogota Colombia found some information; how recent it is I don't know.
      As a tourist a citizen of UK does not need a visa but would need to be granted a work permit / visa to take up employment. It looks as though you would need a job before you could get a permit.
      Colombia doesn't presently have any working holiday agreements with other countries, but states that working holiday visas allotted in countries each year can vary and to get complete, up to date information from the Embassy before making any work / travel plans.
      You might find the following useful:


      Embassy of Colombia
      3 Hans Crescent
      London SW1 X0LS
      Phone: 020 7589 9177

      Good luck Liz
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      Have you done your trip yet lizzy ?