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    Thread: Moving to Brazil.... advice please :)

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      Moving to Brazil.... advice please :)

      Hi there,

      My husband (Brazilian nationality and passport) and I (British citizen) have decided we would like to move to Brazil (either SP or Rio) from UK. However we have so many questions and hoped someone out there may be able to give us some advice

      Things like difficulties encountered, buying property, jobs, money, realistic time frame etc... Ive read that in terms of my residency its best to apply from the UK. Also with work, what would be an average annual salary to be able to survive?

      Thank you!! Aly

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      Hi Aly welcome to the forum I think the main priority is being able to speak Portugese. How long is it since your husband lived there, does he have any contacts?

      In regards to difficulties living there I think they would be:

      Higher cost of living (expensive to buy products and, nowadays, services)
      Less options/variety (big brands or cheap and low quality)
      Bad supermarkets (crowded, no space, long queues)
      Less services online (Amazon, online bookings, Ebay – local versions not as effective)
      Low customer service (restaurants, professional services, call centers)
      Very high rent and property prices in popular areas for expats to live (Ipanema, Leblon, Jardins, Moema etc.)
      High levels of bureaucracy (ID numbers, visas, banks accounts, telephone providers, opening a business etc.)
      Cultural differences (people plan less, arrive late, don’t call etc.)
      Takes a long time to penetrate local friendship groups (more in Rio than São Paulo)
      Few people who work in service speak English (start taking Portuguese lessons before you arrive!)
      High inflation (difficult to adapt to if you aren’t used to prices going up every 3-4 months)
      High interest rates on loans and credit
      Some parts of the big cities are still quite dangerous – you end up only getting to know 10% of the city

      Re jobs why not contact these see if they can help

      Amrop – Panelli Motta Cabrera (amrop-pmc@amrop-pmc.com.br)
      Boyden Brasil (linkedin) (boyden@boyden.com.br)
      Dbm (linkedin)
      Dqueiroz (linkedin) (contato@dqueiroz.com.br)
      Hays Brasil (linkedin) (headoffice@hays.com.br)
      Mariaca (linkedin)
      Michael Page (linkedin)
      Robert Half (email)
      Russell & Reynolds
      Tania Regina Sanches

      I can't advise with visas but I know this migration agent is well respected over there http://www.mrsglobal.com.br/ a quick tip though get your OH to get a quote as they inflate the price for foreigners

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      as Ktee states, learn Portuguese, be very patient, try and adapt to the culture shock,do not believe anything you hear especially offers of help and guarantees of any purchases. Brazil is a wonderful country but unfortunately the population has not quite evolved. Your husband being Brazilian will no doubt be aware of the dangers here. If you can earn in excess of 400-00 pounds ($R1300-00 reals) you can maintain a moderate lifestyle.
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      Hi there,
      Thanks for all your replies and information (links, email addresses). Much appreciated! We have family living in both Rio and Sao Paulo so interms of contacts, we have family. But work related, we would need to start from scratch. Im considering doing a TEFL course so im hoping to go down that path. Any advice in that regards?

      Also, I wondered if anyone had any advice regards to buying property out there?

      @gringolouco - when you say 400-00 pounds ($R1300-00 reals) - is that per week or per month?

      Thanks :)
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