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    Thread: Moving to Mexico

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      Moving to Mexico

      Hi, I'm Gerri - I'm from Hampshire, England - moving to Guadalajara, Mexico in October this year. I would love to hear from any Brits living there.

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      Welcome gerri, what takes you to mexico?

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      Hi Gerri If I was you I would think very carefully before moving to Guadalajara. I moved there from London for a year and it was very difficult. There are very few Brits in Guadalajara and the culture is miles apart from that in England. You will have a much better life in Hampshire - think carefully before you take this decision as you might regret it. I wish you good luck whatever you decide to do - I think you will need it!
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      Hi Gerri,
      Before moving to Mexico there are several questions that you should ask yourself.
      1. Am I a person who likes my creature comforts and things that are known to me? If so, Mexico is not the place for you. It has hardly any of the same products that we have in the UK. Yew do not have superstore like Tescos that provide us with all ranges of foods and products.
      2. Have you lived or travelled ( and I'm not talking a all inclusive or five star stay) in a third world country. If not then understand Mexico is full of animals on the streets, rife with corruption and works on a whole different wave length to Ru 'western' world.
      3. Are you able to adapt to different situations easily and not put out when things do not go your way?
      Things happen at a different time speed in Mexico. For example I have a friend who it took 6 weeks for them to get their visa. Every time they went in the office asked them for a different piece of paper (why not ask for all the papers at the start and save time you might ask?) this is not how it works but I have another friend who has their visa within 2 weeks due to bribes.so...you have to understand there is a big difference!

      Mexico is full of colour, beauty and culture but you have to weigh how much you want to see these compared to how much "crap" you have to put up with.
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      Hi Gerri, we moved to Mexico two years ago, and do you know what...... Its the best thing we have done! there is no way you will get me back to the UK, sorry nothing against it but this life style is so much better.
      Yes SOME things take a lot longer to get done here, got my visa in two hours with no bribes :) Unless you are going into the country side most citys have a very good selection of shops wall marts (asda in the UK) are everywhere,
      the food here is fantastic, the culture is great!

      Is Mexico a third world country NO not any longer Mexico has the 13th largest nominal GDP and the 11th largest by purchasing power, It has a massive gap between the haves and have nots i agree, but so does a lot of places in the world,

      Like i said best thing we did was moving here :) :)

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      Im travelling in Mexico at the moment and have to say its a wonderful place. The weather is great, people friendly and its good value for money. I would definately consider living here myself at some point.
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