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      Huh? 21st Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

      This week is a special week as it celebrates the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. When the divided barrier fell, family members who had not seen each other in decades were able to reconnect. How would you feel if you were divided from your family?


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      Funny, it's an expatriats forum so a good proportion of us ARE divided from our families. You're a Brit living in the USA, perhaps you would like to tell us how you feel?

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      Well, Purple I am glad that you asked. I was actually meaning to be divided from your family in the same country...so sorry, should have written that.

      It is definitely hard being away from my family overseas. However, I could not imagine living in the same country only a few miles, even a few feet away from my family and not be able to see each other. It is a real celebration that the Berlin Wall fell 21 years ago and families could reunite. I am just glad that I am fortunate enough to be able to visit my family whenever I feel or whenever my budget can manage it. ;)

      Luckily, I have found a wealth of truly great friends that have helped me harbor my homesick.

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      Have to say I agree. The word "tough" doesn't describe how it feels occassionally for some of us to be away from family, especially on special occassions, worrying occassions or the holiday period.
      I've been overseas in one way or another for over half my life now. Does it get easier? No. Do you learn to tolerate it? There isn't a choice sometimes.
      I think some people like to be away, but for others it's hard. Some just get tired of it and are ready to move back.
      I visit home twice a year, sometimes 3 times.

      I'm glad your friends keep the homesickness at bay for you :)

      Indeed the fall of the wall was a great event for the people that were divided by it. Saw it "in action" before it fell, and afterwards too. The minefield and straff wires, the ditches, raked strips, dog fences, machine gun towers and lighting? Yes, it was a surreal looking concept especially when you were up close to it and thought about what it was actually for... to keep their people "in".
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