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      Paver Smith

      Anyone from Liverpool?


      The company I work for wants to carry out a survey of expats who hail from Liverpool to find out what they miss most about their hometown.

      If any Scousers (and Merseysiders) want to take part, just click on the link below:


      It's light-hearted fun and it would be great to hear back from Scousers who've moved away.


      Paver Smith
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      Hi Paver, and welcome to Britsabroad.

      It would help if you didn't post the same message in every section of the message boards.
      You will see there is a sticky note requesting people not to do that in several places on the forum boards, should you care to read them.

      I have also edited the phone number and email address out of your message, as we suggest that people do not give out personal information in a public forum.
      The messages in the other sections will be deleted, and I would ask that you post only one message of the same subject in future.

      Thanks, and have a good day.


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      Hoff to Oz
      No ones going to admit to coming from Liverpool are they? lol

      you won't rember this but last century they had a good football team, you are probably too young to know this. lol