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    Thread: British Expat Happiness Survey

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      British Expat Happiness Survey

      The new 'Happiness Index' from 'Post Office International Payments' was released this week, showing that the primary reason for expats moving abroad is for a better quality of life - and they get it.
      According to the survey, in the majority of cases the 'dream' became reality.
      70% of British Expats ranked themselves as very happy with their new life abroad, however, 66% said they felt pressure on their personal finances.
      60% said they felt a greater sense of 'community' in their new country.

      The top 5 reasons for relocating:

      1. To have a better quality of life now & in the future for myself and my family
      2. To retire
      3. For a new life experience
      4. To be with my partner
      5. Job relocation

      The top country chosen by expats was France. Whilst the weather in France is usually warner than back in Blighty, 50% of expats in France said they'd like the climate to be warmer/sunnier than it is.

      Most popular destinations to relocate to:

      1. France
      2. Spain
      3. United States
      4. Australia
      5. Thailand

      Absence makes the heart grow fonder

      1 in 10 expats said they missed snow and having a cold Christmas.

      • 57% of expats surveyed missed family
      • 43% missed friends
      • 25% missed weddings/birthdays
      • 20% miss the countryside
      • 5% miss driving on the left hand side of the road
      • 5% miss their pets
      • 3% miss UK soap operas

      Food and drink

      • 23% miss Fish & Chips
      • 23% miss a pint of 'proper beer'
      • 21% miss a Sunday pub lunch
      • 14% miss British chocolate
      • 13% miss English breakfast tea
      • 6% miss Marmite

      The survey showed that people from London and the South East were more likely to migrate with 39% of respondents coming from the region, compared to only 13% from the North East & North West combined.

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      Interesting information. Anyone want to guess the percentage of people that returned home after 10 years of being away?

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      Quote Originally Posted by purple View Post
      Interesting information. Anyone want to guess the percentage of people that returned home after 10 years of being away?
      From an Australian perspective, last year, 28193 people from the UK permanently settled in Australia. Going the opposite way, 3991 people returned to the UK, while another 3100 UK born people left but went to another country (other than the uk). Of those leaving, 70% had been in Australia for more than 5 years, 17% 2->5 years and 13% less than 2 years.
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      Thanks for the facts Rob. Where did you get all this info?

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      Hoff to Oz
      Hey Rob out of the 3991 who came back i heard 3 of them now have a job. lol
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