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    Thread: Do you miss going or watching the football in the UK?

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      fantasy Fitba

      Do you miss going or watching the football in the UK?

      I have now lived in Oz for 6 years have been slowly losing my love for football (home team carlisle united). Many people I've come across say the same....they missing going to the games or hate watching them at stupid o'clock.

      Last year I entered www.fantasyfitba.com where you pick 5 teams from 5 UK divisions and follow them through the season....and I loved it. If your love for the game is waining due to living abroad than put this website in your favorites and pick a team for next year.

      I work offshore oz with lots of brits and we set up a bragging rights league on the rig to see who knew the most on football....great banter!

      I won my money back.....sadly didn't win the grand pot (basically a sweepstake). But you can win $500 every sat if your 5 teams win......

      Hope you enjoy like I did.

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      Good idea to do the fantasy football. I play it for fun too.
      Still a diehard football fan though, even after almost 10 years in this place. The NFL (american football) doesn't cut it for me, and at least there are some "soccer" matches locally.
      I watch through fox soccer and ESPN, and online, but like you and the people you know, going to a match at home is what I miss most.
      Whenever I'm back home I always go and see at least one match while I'm there (actually I almost don't mind who it is now just as long as I can get to a game and have the atmosphere and see it with likeminded people).
      Can't wait for the World cup to start! :-D

      Good luck with next season's fantasy football.

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      fantasy Fitba
      League 2, League 1 and Championship prices are out, get studying. I think I will go with the heart in League 1 and plumb for Carlisle United......up the blues!

      see them at www.fantasyfitba.com

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      Oh come on, you gotta try League 1! ;)

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      fantasy Fitba
      The full price list is out purple.....looks like we are the only two football loving posters on here..........or the only 2 posters. A little boring!

      Anyway have a look mate and tell me who you think you'll pick www.fantasyfitba.com

      English Prem Birmingham $10
      Championship Swansea $10
      League 1 Carlisle United $11
      League 2 Port Vale $17
      Scottish Prem St. Mirren $2

      I think I will go for this, what do think?

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      Leave it wih me, at work at the mo and need a bit of time to look it over
      Maybe we are the only two that love football on here.
      Can't wait for this weekend!