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    Thread: Expat Allowances

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      Question Expat Allowances

      Morning everyone and do any of you know anything about how an Expatriate's Local Allowance (beer and fags money) is calculated in Africa? Cheers, Murdo:huh:

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      Hiya Sheena and many thanks for your warm welcome and quick reply too! I shall have a look but what I am really after is how large International companies calculate and pay their Expats when on assignment overseas. Have a lovely day! Kind regards, Murdo
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      Hi again Sheena and I am also after any links to anyone who is great with MS Access and possibly logic!! Any ideas? My reason for asking is that we have several tables concerning Expat Leave, Time Sheets and Local Allowances which we cannot link up and, worse still, we cannot see the wood for the trees! Ciao, Murdo

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      Hiya Sheena and sorry to be a pest. Actually, yes and no. For exampe, here in Nigeria, we pay/give the Expats the equivalent of 1,500 usd to pay for their meals, beer and fags since the comapny provides all the rest free. It is paid in local currency and expected to be spent on location. Some guys are better than others regarding spending it and some manage to buy small surprises for their wives/girlfriends. It is paid only during the days on location and not when the guy is on leave. Sounds simpe but we have gotten ourselves into a messa because of leave date changes, both on the way out and the way back in and that's really why I am asking. We need someone else's opinion plus an expert eye on how we can use the inforamtion we have on Excel and Access to match up! Perhaps you won't have such a lovely day after all but it must be late where you are, surely? Ciao, Murdo

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      Hi Sheena and good of you really so I shall look forward to hearing from you then but I shall also start a thread regarding wizz kids on MS Access who would like a challenge!!!! Ciao, Murdo

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      I am writing this on behalf of a friend of mine who moved to Greece approx 20 years ago. She has 2 young daughters who she sends to an English school. She would like to know if she is entitled to any help with the school fees?


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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to Brits Abroad Amac.

      In the UK she would deffinately get help but Greece, i'm not sure.
      I don't think we have any Greek members that can answer you sorry.

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