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      janine kay


      I have lived in Spain since 1977,I am now wondering about going back to live in the UK.
      Does any one know were to start?...Would like to go back to yorkshire,I have a 13 yr.old girl.
      I have no family in the uk and no assets!!!
      Would love some advice as I seem to drifting nowere and its not good.

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      Hi Janine,
      I guess the same approach would apply to emigrating anywhere else - can you find work in the area you want to move to? I reckon if you can arrange a job to go to the rest will fall into place. Are you aware that you may not be eligible for free treatment under the NHS now though and that you will probably have to pay for medical treatment as an returning ex-pat? This is unless you've continued paying taxes in the UK while living in Spain?

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      janine kay
      ok.Thanks for the reply.Possibility of working for a friend but nothing definate.Certainly need to do more research.Again cheers.

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      Hi Janine

      I agree with Trav, the best thing would be to try and secure a job somewhere first then look at finding a place to stay and a school for you daughter that is close to where you will work.
      Hope it all works out for you, good luck.

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      janine kay
      Thanks,it seems as though work is the first thing i will have to sort out,though as i,m no spring chicken (52) could be difficult.Still will keep on looking in to various possibilites.Thanks for the reply.

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      Yes it could be difficult Janine with times the way they are but NOT impossible so start looking into it, you never know what could come up.
      If you can secure a job even if its not exactly what you want long term then at least its a good start.
      Once again, good luck.