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      How do I replace a lost Driving License in the USA?

      Hey guys,

      Hope I'm posting in the correct part of the forum!!

      My wallet was stolen over the weekend at a club I work at and my UK License was in it... I no longer have the paper counterpart and am wondering how I go about getting a replacement over here in the U.S.

      I went on the DVLA website but couldn't figure out what info they would need from me. My next step is to call them tomorrow but was wondering if anyone on here has had to replace their license and if so how and how long it takes to get the new card?

      Thanks for any help!

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      I had a cousin move over here (Canada)from Northern Ireland, (YES STILL a part of Britain) To get a Canadian licence he could have exchanged his British licence for a Canadian one. However, because Northern Ireland does not go under the DVLA but rather the DVLANI, the Canadian government didn't recognise his licence as being British; so, either he would have had to do a test OR obtain a licence from the mainland Britain. Fortunately he has a brother in Scotland, so he contacted him to use his address as a base to have the DVLA send it to him (the brother). So I reckon you will have to do something similar. If you still have family in the UK, you will have to use their address, get the DVLA to send the replacement to their house and then have them send it to your address in the US. Hope this helps.