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      I think I'm turning Green

      I'm soon to be going on a course to become a "code for Sustainable Homes assessor" and since i've been swotting up on all the bumph associated in sustainable living it's got me nodding along in approval!!
      I know!! I was looking at cars online last night and found myself veering straight to tyhe mgms of polloution pm2 and mpg. At work and hoime I'm looking at the way we waste so much a lot more and even bollocked the labourer yesterday for leaving the mixer and petrol cutter running when not in use.
      Its actually quite an interesting subject when you look into it.

      I would love to know what the members of this forums views are on the green issue and sustainable living are....

      I'm off to hug a tree
      it happens a lot everywhere in the world...

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      I do worry about you.
      Seriously good luck with the course. How long does it take for you to be qualified?
      I read today in the paper that they, once again, think global warming is a hoax.