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      Moving to america

      Hi everyone, I'm new to this and basically I really want to move to America in the future, but unlike many people on here I will have no job to go to when I'm there, I just don't know how to get started, I need info on visa's and finding jobs in the USA for a British citizen if anyone else has been through this, I'm basically starting a fresh and if any of you guys have don't the same is appreciate some help, also I'm only 19 so im planning on moving when I'm 21/22. Thank you in advance :)

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      Hello and welcome!
      First question would be: why do you want to move here?
      I think most people here like to give specific advise and need a bit more details on the why and how.

      Anyway, in general I don't think you can just move over here without a job. There are visas that are issued each year for skilled workers, they are called H1 and there are 65,000 each year. If you search the America posts I am sure you'll come across more details (those things are asked and answered all the time).
      Have you researched your area of work? I'm sure you are aware of the high unemployment here and without a work sponsorship I don't really see a big chances for a visa unless you work in area they have a shortage of skilled workers.

      I know this isn't much but hope it helps nonetheless.