We are planning a move to bay area (husband’s office is in San Jose) from UK, Cambridge- this August, September. Husbands employer will sponsor our visa- L1 I believe. Initially, until I get an EAD, I understand I cannot work unless, I find an employer to sponsor my visa. EAD should be available by Dec 2017.
My queries are relating to my employment. One problem is my job has to be somewhere I can commute to whilst we have to live somewhere from where my husband can commute to San Jose too … I would very much appreciate any help, tips, advice...

Brief education/work history- I complete doctorate in Immunology with heavy molecular biology component followed by a post-doctorate (3 years) University of Cambridge. 3 years ago I switched to working for a Contract Research Organisation. Last two years I have been employed as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). My current role effectively is study manager- I solely manage the whole study in UK (including all regulatory activities, budgets and site recruitment etc) and travel to sites 4-6 days a month. However, normally CRA’s only do site monitoring and they travel at least 8 days a month (even in UK). Now US is huge compared to UK, I am of the feeling that I could not work as a CRA there- I would be working 60+ hours and travelling all week. Please correct me if anyone is from this area and knows better? Please also advise if you know anyone, any recruiters, contract research organisations I could contact for more information on this..
So, with that much travelling being unsustainable for me (and to lesser extent not wanting to work simply as site monitor), I am thinking I should go back to working in molecular biology, immunology- as a scientist. I have only ever worked in academia as a scientist but maybe I could work in the industry in US? anyone advise me if this is a reasonable assumption? I would very much appreciate if anyone is within this area, knows anyone within this area who may be willing to answer a few questions?
Thank you for reading this.