Hi all,

Im new to this so please bare with me!

This year me and my partner decided to do Route 66 and we both absolutely loved it!

All I kept saying on the trip was I want my own diner on the route and restore parts of the route itself in any way shape or form, it to be honest I fell in love with the place. Ive been looking into moving to Amarillo. I just dont know where to start! my dream is to move to america and build our own diner or restore parts of the original and make something of our lives. Living in the UK isn't great, the house prices are SO expensive and over in america you get SO much more for your money. I work in construction but I do admin, I haven't got any qualifications just purely experience. Ive heard that you cant get a job unless an employer proves they cannot get an american resident to do so.

Am I just living in a dream world or can something like this actually be done? I dont want to get my hopes up in the next few years to come!

Thanks x