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      Smile One Way Flight Tickets to London

      Two friends of mine are travelling by hire car from Calgary to Orlando later this month, with the intention of staying a few days then take a one way flight ticket back to London.

      As we all know flying one-way can be as expensive as a return flight, and my research has come up with Aer Lingus which is almost half the price of others but the flight involves a stopover in Dubai.

      As most of you know UK has a lot of bargain one way flights in and around Europe, but try as I might I cannot locate a cheaper flight from Orlando to UK.

      Can anyone out there please help me to find a direct flight Orlando to London at a discount price, or a suitable alternative to Aer Lingus via Dubai, it would be much appreciated.

      BTW the weather here in Virginia Water, Surrey is just right at around 75oF, with the occasional showers to water the plants and Wentworth and Sunningdale Golf Clubs just around the corner. Feeling homesick??

      Take Care you Floridians...

      FGJ 5X

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      try www.cheapair.com How strange is that stop over in Dubai?

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      one way tickets to orlando to london

      Many thanks for your advice... had a look at the choices and it does throw up two airlines that are a little cheaper, so thank you.

      My friends are now asking me if they can break their journey in Dubai for a few days, rather than the flight schedule of a few hours? it never ends.

      I will check that later today, I suppose it would be a great opportunity to get a free holiday out of it, instead of sitting around at the airport for a few hours.

      Have a look at www.aerlingus.com :no:

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      OK, I am not being a smart ass but I use Aer Lingus regularly to get back to the UK and Ireland from Orlando. Surely, if you want to go to London you would have to go via Dublin, not Dubai.

      Am I missing something?

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      I have to admit to being a complete idiot and my interpretation of via DUB with Aer Lingus was from an international travelllers point of view DUBAI of course!

      How boring to go via DUBLIN!!!

      Anyway, I have just sent an email to my fellow travellers to explain this oversight and hopefully they will see the funny side of things and not be too disappointed.

      So please be reassured that you are not losing the plot and your sanity is completely under control, it was just one of the many mistakes I make on a daily basis!

      Take Care...