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      Personal Reason to send Money Back Home

      Hello Everyone!

      When we choose to send money back home it is for a wealth of reasons: special occasions, remittances, holidays, etc. I always use Xoom to send birthday money overseas to all my little cousins because it is so easy-to-use and gets there fast. My little cousins are growing up so quick and there “likes” and “dislikes” change so often that sending money is the perfect gift. What is your personal reason to send money overseas?

      Feel free to get in on the conversation and share your thoughts too!

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      I never send money back home to cousins or kids, it always seems to show a lack of thought for any special occassion. I prefer to send a small present instead, it seems so much more personal. I speak to their parents and siblings to get an idea of what they would like and then adapt it if I need to.
      I actually find that the kids love to get presents from overseas, especially when it's clothing labels that that they can't get in the UK. :)
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      I see what you are saying, Purple about receiving gifts. Especially when it's clothes that you can't get, totally hear ya on this one. And it is fun to open something up from loved ones...I know I love getting presents. But I am a horrible gift-giver and always seem to get the wrong thing. I figure if I send money then they can ultimately get what they want and there is no worrying about shipping overseas which is such a pain and doesn't always get there in time or at all. That is why for me, sending money is the way to go!!!

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      Different strokes for different folks.

      My personal opinion? Money doesn't do it like a present does. ;)

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      You are right, Purple. We all have our opinions. And are all entitled to them.

      Thanks for sharing!!!