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      Things you should do before you emigrate ?

      ...I'm moving to Orlando, Florida, USA in a couple of months. I'm organising and planning the move and want to make sure i'm not missing anything off my list of 'tasks to complete in the UK before I leave'.

      Just wondering about those people who have already done an international move...is there anything you wish you'd done BEFORE you left the UK that you wish you had ?

      Just for example..somebody who had moved abroad said he'd wished he'd applied for his International Driving Licence while he was still in the UK. Another said they'd wished they'd done more shopping for clothes in the UK because US fashion is so different...

      So do you have a list of things that one shouldn't forget to do before leaving the UK ?

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      Andy Chapman
      Good Luck in your new life and welcome to Brits Abroad.

      Now i can't help you but please keep in touch and let us know how you get on OK.


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      yes an int driv licence can come in use. I needed one to help convert into a Thai driv licence. I could say hang on to your NHS card though of course you are supposed to inform them that you've gone. I'll say no more.

      If you're female and bigger than a size 14 UK and moving to south east asia, bring lots of clothes.

      If you're female and have two large assets and moving to south east asia, bring lots of underwear.

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      Seems that most English women seem to think Florida has a limited selection of stylish dress clothes, so if you're a serious style person then buy your dress clothes in the UK. Just a different country, with different styles.

      Realistically? The clothes you'll get used to wearing here are much more casual (for most of the year) due to the climate we live in. Tees, shorts and sandals are pretty much accepted (and standard) in most places that you'll go to in FL, unless you're dining somewhere upmarket of course. You'll find that it's more a case of "dress down" here than dress up, especially once you're outside your work envirnoment.

      I'm not sure an international licence would be much use to you here in FL really. Even the international driving permit issued by the AAA isn't actually valid for driving within the US itself. You can drive on your UK licence for a short period of time, but if you're buying a car and getting insurance it'll be easier and cheaper on insurance for you just to get a Florida licence. Anyway, Florida state law actually requires you to get a Florida drivers license within 30 days of becoming a resident. You'd be surprised how often you'll be asked for a form of state ID in different places too.
      Want to open a library card account? Show your licence. Verify your signature on your credit card? Show your licence, Buy a bottle of wine in walmart, obtain a gun, get a fishing licence, a mobile phone contract, get FL resident discounts (you'll want those on Disney, right?) open a bank account ... yeah well you get the picture.

      Essentials that cost the earth here?
      Decent tea bags (american tea is eugh), marmite, colemans mustard powder, branston pickle, and anything else that you think you may not be able to live without ;)

      Anything I wish I had thought of? Hmm, you mean apart from staying in the UK?

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      Just keep living all ways pray every day.
      Just be friendly to you're neighbors so you will not get bored.. :D

      Good Luck in your new life in a new place.

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