I would like to say that since the issues on television regarding some unorthodox business practices it seems that this has escalated way way out of proportion and other company’s selling homes in Spain seem to be helping to escalate the problem as well and trying to frighten people into using their company.
I am truly devasted for the people who are going through turmoil of having lost their savings and their dreams have been shattered and I wish them all the luck in the World and if I can help I will help.
At the end of the day everybody looking to buy a mobile home abroad has a different wish and want list to everybody else. My strong recommendation is that check the licenses of the Park. Some people want fully residential style parks… and some people want that kind of Park but with a little bit more going on, which you will find on Parks that also allow a small percentage of holiday makers, generally all you need to do is look at the park itself check out the facilities, check out the ground rent is affordable bearing in mind most parks have an annual increase. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY TALK TO THE EXISITING RESIDENTS.... they live there, they can tell you first hand the good and things that you would need to look out for.
Whether a company selling mobile homes has one park to offer or a hundred parks to offer and whether the company has parks that allow campers/holiday makers (which lets be fair if the parks are inland then its common sense that any Spanish or English people looking to have a mad 2 week holiday will want to be near the beach),.... so Inland parks that do allow campers as such is not necessarily going to be offering a Hi Di Hi camp site.
Again I have to stress that everybody is different and customers should not have to be told what to look at and what is good or bad. The important question should be WHAT DO YOU WANT..... and then to discuss options of interest to you… NOT TO BE DRAGGED AROUND SITES THAT are not relevant to the your needs. AS LONG AS THE PARKS HAVE A LEGAL LICENCE THEN YOU SHOULD FEEL COMFORTABLE to have a look at as many Parks that have most of your wish and want lists and then make your own decisions. Possibly having more options is best so that you have some choices rather than just one Park or nothing.

When I originally got involved with the purchase of our family’s mobile home I firstly checked the licenses of the Park… I then spoke freely to the residents on the Park and amazingly found out that the people I was going to buy my home through weren’t as reputable as I thought they were and the weird thing was I wasn’t quite sure about them in the first place… I think my intuition told me they might be a bit dodgy, just by their manner and appearance>>>>
Needless to say we changed our agent.... I felt happier and have been fully appreciating life in Spain for the last 5 years.
This was the reason we set up Costa Del Paradise Ltd. We are a family company and are not just doing a job. We are passionate about Spain and appreciate people’s fears. We only deal with reputable, licensed Parks some Residential Style Parks and some Mobile Home Parks which do allow some holiday/campers.. We wanted to be able to have as much choice as possible for our customers making sure all our Parks offered security gated entrances regardless of what type of Park it is and also that they have full working onsite facilities like swimming pools restaurants and bars etc… we made sure we never just offered an empty piece of land. Our honesty and integrity have been the major factors of our company’s success and the fact that we were NOT trying to build a huge organization employing lots of people and having large costs of glamorous business premises have been able to make sure we can offer some of the best prices for Mobile Homes. It made sense to us to have our offices in England in built at our home, thus keeping costs down and enabling us to be on hand 24/7. We all work together and like to work with people on an individual basis making sure the customers feel comfortable, no pressure and know that we are available at all times. More importantly saving them money too. Our base in Spain is also within our dwellings thus again saving more costs to be able to pass onto our customers.

It all boils down to logic and human nature at the end of the day.
If you would like to talk to me about any issues enclosed in my message please feel free to contact me Nikki on 01274 543108 or look at our website www.costadelparadise.com