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    Thread: We would love to move to canada to work and live

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      We would love to move to canada to work and live

      my name D-girl and i would love to move to canada with my husband. I am a biochemist and would like to move to canada to work. i graduated 2003 and since be looking to work as a biochemist but haven't been able to find work.
      My friend that lives in Canada said to me that there are many opportunity to work as a biochemist in canada.
      Please how do i get working holiday visa or work permit for canada.
      Please i look to hearing from you asap

      Thank you

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      Hi D-girl

      Welcome to Britsabroad and the message boards!

      Hopefully one of our knowledgeable Canada based members will be able to answer your questions :)

      All the best!

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      Katie Etches
      Hi D-girl,

      I moved to Canada from the UK a couple of months ago. I came to Canada on a Temporary Resident Visa which allows you to remain in Canada for a period of six months however you are unable to work or study during this time. I received my Temporary Resident Visa from immigration when I arrived in Canada (The Temporary Resident Visa is a stamp which you receive in your passport from immigration). You will have to explain to the immigration officer why you intend to stay in Canada for a long period of time, for example, travelling for 6 months etc. and explain how you intend to support yourself during that time, for example, how much money you have brought with you. You can then apply for a job whilst within Canada (If you receive an offer the company will apply for a work permit on your behalf as you can not work without one) or alternatively to can apply before you come (again if you receive an offer the company will apply for a work permit and you will then be able to come to Canada on a work visa).

      I hope this helps!

      Good luck!
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      Good info, Katie.

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