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    Thread: What do you look for when moving abroad

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      Well considering i'm still in blighty this is hyperthetical at the mo but my reasons being single are there are more opportunities out there. Is it me but if you want to move on in the UK that everyone is so negative. Also the better weather, the lifestyle, the scenery are also a major plus

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      Hoff to Oz
      I chose the weather because without nice weather you end up stuck indoors for 8 months of the year like in the uk and this means you can have a great outdoor lifestyle when the weather is nice.

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      I wonder what constitutes a 'better' lifestyle for people ? Like many others we don't find the lifestyle better here only different. The weather has become less important to us in recent years and without that for us this country doesn't do it for us anymore. I voted for bored and wanted to try something new, we hadn't lived in Queensland before so it was worth a go and we have enjoyed the last 10 years but now the oppressive weather and termites are forcing us out. ;)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Broken Briton View Post
      I chose the weather because without nice weather you end up stuck indoors for 8 months of the year like in the uk and this means you can have a great outdoor lifestyle when the weather is nice.
      The weather played a factor in us moving to,, like you say we hated being stuck in indoors and even when we had weekends in beautiful Abersoch 90% of the time the weather spoilt it and we ended up stuck in a caravan all weekend.

      We have found QLD great for the outdoor lifestyle, be it a bike ride around the lakes, day at the beach or just lounging by the pool. My eldest boy hated being stuck inside in the UK but at least here he can get out and do things,, even if its raining, most of the time it stays warm and we can still play in the pool etc ,,beats putting on 20 layers to keep warm and dry whilst walking to school or nipping to the shops !lol

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      Well I think I have gypsy blood in me because I love to move around, life is too short to be stuck in one place.

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      Yes I agree. We have had 10 years here now it is time to move.

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      A lot of people move here to Florida because of the climate and sunshine. Honestly, I'm sure seems like a good idea if you've just spent 2 weeks visiting Disney where you had a great time, and everything seems cheaper (because of the pound/dollar conversion) and the sun is shining all the time.
      The stark reality is that for a lot of people that try it, it actually doesn't work out. I've heard constant complaints about the schools, the the property insurance rates and taxes, the relentless heat and humidity in summer, the mosquitos, the hurricane worries, the stingy employers and lack of paid holiday allowance, etc. I know of quite a few people locally that have moved back because it didn't suit one or either of them, or the job wasn't what they expected etc.
      I'd suggest that a good idea for anyone wanting to move somewhere after holidaying there is to try visiting the place a couple more times at different times of year (try a couple of months there if possible) and get the opinions of others that have done it, before making the move.
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      Hoff to Oz
      The problem is, do you want long cold miserable winters followed by no real summer, or long hot and sometimes humid weather with little winter? After a lifetime of the cold weather, i fancy it being hot, those who have had it hot, might fancy it cold, its only natural, but no real summer since 1976 here in the uk, i have had enough of it.

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      Jim, you really should move further south, we lived in the UK for quite a few years between '76 and 2000 and had many glorious summers. No wonder you are a broken Briton, the way you describe where you live would send anyone round the bend. :)
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