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      Glitter not so shiny now??

      I say chaps, that filthy beast Gary Glitter has been in the news today, since being released from incarceration for child abuse he has refused to return to the UK and has since flown to Hong Kong where the authorities refused him entry (damn good show I say!)
      According to the news several countries gave refused him entry.
      Unfortunatly the UK cannot do likewise and have to allow him entry where upon he will have to sign the sex offenders register.

      I say the beast should be hourse wipped and castrated at the very least, then locked away for the rest of his life. :yes:
      After doing what he has done, he has forgone all his human rights as far as I am concerned.

      What say you lot?

      Toodle Pip.

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      Yes Sheena, unfortunatly there are many more victims to one of these crimes than just the poor blighter it's been committed to.
      More often than not the family of the assailent suffer due to the actions of one of their own even though they probably feel just as disgusted as anyone.
      I count myself fortunate that nothing as dark has this has turned up at my door, long may it continue, my heart goes out to families of the little victims.

      Toodle Pip

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      Can you believe the gal of this man?
      He finaly arrives in the UK and his solicitor say he should not have to sign the sex offenders register because HIS human rights have been violated. :realmad:
      The sheer effrontery of them both both astounds me!

      Toodle Pip