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      Local radio or BBC on the Internet?

      Have you made the complete cultural transition and given up UK radio or like me do you tune in via the Internet?

      I listen to Radio 2 - yep I'm of that age! It helps keep me sane. The adverts on local radio drive me nuts and they play the same songs over and over again.

      If I'm driving I listen to local radio - doesn't happen too often unless we've got a rental car as I only own a motorbike!

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      What! You are telling me i can listen to Radio one via my laptop.

      Im not very good with all this stuff but im off to check it out...see ya

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      No, i didnt know that but hey, guess what im doing now!!!!!
      Chris Moyles is going down a treat here. Lol!

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      Doz you're obviously younger than me - I can't listen to Radio 1 anymore - does my head in! But I'm pleased you've found Chris Moyles. Now you can start emailing the show!!

      I can definitely recommend Radio 2's Chris Evans' All Request Drivetime show on a Friday (only Fridays though) where the listeners pick the songs. It's always guaranteed to lift the spirits! And if you've already heard it - yes I do the D-spot here in California!!

      Obviously the time difference is the thing but everything is pretty much on playback now so you can listen any time you want.

      Sheena - I put all my CDs on my laptop and use iTunes so I can surf and listen for hours and hours and hours!!:twitcy:

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      Hi Traveller, not so sure about being younger than you at all.
      I love Chris Evans, i always listened to him when he did Radio One, i will have to have a listen to him too...im sure i should be listening to Radio Two not One!!!

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      I recently discovered I could listen to BBC Radio via the web and I was thrilled. One thing that got me though was that Radio 2 is really like Radio 1 used to be, if you know what I mean. I have listened to Chris Evans a lot but I just couldn't recognise his voice for some reason. I even sent an email to him asking him if it was really him? Too much time on my hands. Its great though and very comforting to hear that there is a traffic jam on the M25 so I am loving having that access. Now all I want is to be able to watch British TV via the web too and I will be really happy.

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      Ooh yes, British tv, it would be so good to watch all my favourite tv shows

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      I'm sat here as I type, listening to radio five live. I hate local radio because of the amount of adverts and most (not all) of the music on the bbc radio stations does my head in. A good lively debate is what I like.

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      I think the only thing worse than local radio is local news channels on the TV. Most of the news appears as fragmented sentences scrolling along the bottom and they repeat the same stories on a ten-minute loop. I only watch it for the weather which is always funny - this weekend was labelled as 'Beautiful'. What more do they need to say!!

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      Trav, i agree totally with what you just said