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    Thread: Phoning home

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      Phoning home

      Is it a dear do for you guys to phone home?
      Here in HCMC we got ourselves a Vinaphone pay as you go sim. You top it up by buying a scratch card and entering the number into your phone and the new balance pops up which you can check at anytime.

      So yesterday i checked the balance then rang Mummy dear. We chatted for 20 minutes then i checked the balance again when done and it had actually only cost 90p!!!
      How good is that 90p for 20 minues calling from Vietnam to Derby. I was very happy.

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      Wow! That is a fab price for that call! I bet you are very happy!
      I recently got Skype and use it to phone and videocall my boyfriend in the US. He also has skype and so our calls are free (yay!). I can also call landlines or cell phones and the cost isn't too bad. The way skype works, you put credit onto your account.. a bit like a 'pay-as-you-go phone I guess

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      Hi Hope, yes skype is really good, OH has it for work and uses it all day...hense why i end up using my phone! Lol

      Its good what they have these days. I dont know how people managed keeping in touch years ago, it must have cost a fortune

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      I am becomming more and more of a Skype fan, not only for its free skype to skype calls but also the paid option to call back to the UK. it is cheap.

      I also use if for the chat function and also for sending large files. It works very well for whan I need to use it, and as you say Doz, what did folk do - I can still rememebr the times before mobiles!

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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post
      hiya doz, we have telstra here (bit like bt) and we pay $5.00 per month for the international package, so now if i call my mum, i can be on there for over an hour and it will only cost about $1.00!! which is very good, we also do "msn" every night with the web cams etc, also have skype!!

      Wow Sheena you've covered every base - do you have like an international communications room in your house?? With them clocks showing times in various countries??

      I've got Skype which 90% of the time works brilliantly and so cheap. I can't face doing the webcam thingy yet. I do a lot of my calls when I've just got up and it ain't pretty!

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      I remember our house phone when i was young. Big black thing with the round finger dial and we had a party line too which meant sometimes when you picked the reciever up you could hear your neighbour on there so we would have to wait till they'd done talking.
      Our first mobile was huge and heavy

      Traveller....ha ha! You got me picturing Sheena with a room full of technology and the big time zone clocks everywhere. Lol!

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      Lol! Always worth a try Sheena!