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      Bacardi Bob

      SAFE holiday in China or NOT

      Anyone see this clip of a very gentle trip up the side of a mountain in China to a tearoom?? No barriers. Wonder if the insurance covers.

      One wong slip & its sayonarro for you !!!


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      Cal will become famous soon enough
      OMG !!!! think id give it a miss and put the kettle on when i got home,lol
      Cal x

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      Bacardi Bob

      Angry SAFE in China

      You will need more than a cuppa when you get through the course to the top.

      Personally I am getting very annoyed about all the unsafe low quality "disposable" goods that are flooding my local shops both here and in UK - harmful lead painted items, faulty & dangerous electrical goods, exploding light bulbs,apparatus with missing parts etc. Where will it end ??