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      Sending Gifts Back Home

      Does anyone have a recommendation for a company in the UK that will do a good job of sending hampers, or something similar?

      I need to send a gift to parents who are old enough to have all that they need, but would appreciate some nice gift food. I've been Googling for hours and can't make up my mind. Not only that, before I part with my hard earned, it'd be great to get a recommendation as there are so many places that will send hampers, but I really want the hamper itself to be excellent and the whole process hassle-free.

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      John Lewis do a nice one, I've used them before.

      My brother in law uses hampers.co.uk, because of the variety of the hampers they offer. He's always spoken well of them and their quality.

      Good choice of gift too, who wouldn't enjoy a surprise like that? :)

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      Thanks Purple, that's very helpful. I hadn't thought of John Lewis, for some reason! It should have been the first place that I looked, maybe I thought that they just did Christmas hampers?

      I like the idea of someone like hampers.co.uk, I think there are quite a lot of hamper companies that aren't department stores. That's really who I wanted to use and wanted advice on - these companies have a lot to choose from, but can I trust them as much as I can trust John Lewis for example?

      On the strength of your brothers experience, I'll certainly have a browse through hampers.co.uk. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know!

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      No problem Alex.

      I've used John Lewis well outside the christmas period, so they definately do them year round, good selection too. :)

      Hampers.co.uk always got good reviews from my brother in law, so although based on that I'm happy recommending them, I haven't used them personally.

      Hope that your search is successful! :)