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    Thread: Your Fav TV Programme

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      Andy Chapman

      Thumbs up Your Fav TV Programme

      Not including Soaps what is your favourite programme on TV at the moment.

      Mine. Well it has to be

      Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA.

      Not one for cooking programmes, but this one's different, the way he turns other restaurants around from the brink amazes me, and is such good entertainment.


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      Well bearing in mind i only have about four english channels to choose from then my choices of fave programme are limited. I would say Andrew zimmern's weird foods and Anthony Bourdains where he visits places round the world

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      The Tribes quite good and well wotrth a good watch apart from that don't really watch that much TV - it is terrible in Oz and the hilight migh be the Bill on a saturday night.


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      Florida Redhead
      It's a good thing we don't all like the same things.
      I can't stand Gordon Ramsey.
      I don't like soaps or so-called reality shows.
      Neither do I like what passes for humour on American TV....it's infantile.
      I like to keep up with what's happening in the world, depressing though it is, so I watch news and BBC America, which I can only take in small doses.
      I don't really have a favourite programme, I have favourite Channels like History International, NatGeo, Discovery, and the old movie channels.
      My husband would have the Sci-Fi and Military Channels on 24/7

      My favourites on DVD are the good quality old series.
      We've watched Upstairs Downstairs, Last of the Summer Wine, Darling Buds of May, etc.
      I also like historical and classics by Jane Austen and Dickens.

      Where's that bartender? I need a Guinness......
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      Andy Chapman
      Ahhhhh, Darling Buds of May one of my all time Favourites of the 1990's.

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      I like Anthony Bourdain too. Used to enjoy the Floyd programmes way back when. A couple of months ago, we ran across him in a pub here - he looked dreadful.

      Used to like Midsomer Murders but we don't seem to be getting them now (or at least not up to date ones). Ridiculous plots on them but all good fun. We found them good to watch when we needed a quiet, mindless night in - when maybe we'd been partying a bit too much the night before.

      We enjoy the English football games which we get live. I think there's some tie-in with Sky as we get English commentary during the game, then Thai football pundits at half-time (so funny).

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      When the weather's sunny who's in watching telly!!!!! :twitcy:

      When we do finally get home we like Bay Area Backroads - it does what it says on the box - shows all the things off the beaten track in the Bay Area and beyond and is invaluable for planning the next weekend!

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      Quote Originally Posted by traveller View Post
      When the weather's sunny who's in watching telly!!!!!
      Very true Traveller but we don't get any sunny evenings here. Sunset about 7pm all year round.

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      Same same here Skink, well it sets about 6.30 here

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      Hey guys.

      Why don't you watch British TV on your PCs?

      Just need to use ADTelly toolbar for Firefox. Its really simple to set up & use - only took me about 5 minutes and I can now watch BBC iplayer, ITV Catchup, Channel 4 & 5 etc etc.

      It costs 5 a month.

      Heres the address: ADTelly expat UK TV

      And there is a demo video at YouTube: YouTube - Expat On Demand TV


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