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    Thread: Your Fav TV Programme

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      I followed your link and it sounds good in theory but, to be honest, I have some doubts about websites with wonky English, typos and spelling mistakes, and the "About Us" tab reveals.... a blank page :no:

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      Thats only because the site is very new and put up very quickly.

      This started out from a professional programmer, Matt Hough, developing this toolbar as a freebie about a month ago for some expats who were posting on a blog and trying (& mostly failing) to watch British TV.

      He has his own servers in the UK for his other businesses and was allowing use one of these, free of charge, for these people to watch through the toolbar.

      Well, as you can imagine, when something like this is free, all hell broke loose and soon the demand was stretching the server. Matt then had to decide, would he close it off for a lucky few or introduce a nominal charge to ensure he could add new servers as demand went up.

      Well he chose the latter and, as of last Sunday, less than 3 weeks from making the first toolbar, ADTelly.tv was born!

      The typos and the contents of the website will be corrected and filled in as soon as possible.

      It will all be tidied up! The tool bar works great, though.

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      Andy Chapman
      Very Interesting

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      Yeh that's interesting Paleo. I think we'd have to find a way to link our PC into our TV screen though. I think it's possible to do but will leave that for our technical department (Mr Skink).

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      I think it depends on how 'up-to-date' and modern your TV is whether or not you can connect it as a monitor to your computer. There maybe bits of hardware to enable you to do this with older TV sets, though.

      There is a section where this is being discussed on the adtelly forum.



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      Another alternative is Dual Viewer. Covers channel 4 OD, BBC, ITV, and five.
      Skink, that is what I do with mine. I had an S video port in the back of my PC that I just used to plug into the TV. Came with my PC so I am not sure what the cost of one would be. It is very nice to watch any kind of PC video on a large screen like that (if the resolution is right) Dual Viewer is the site.

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      For us at the moment just catching up with our missed episodes of Shameless, brilliant telly for the working classes!!
      Also big fans of Gavin and Stacey!

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      Pc to TV

      Hi Skink,

      We connect from pc to tv with a s video lead plus a sound cable. Although we have Sony tv and laptop.
      Suppose different units have different ways. Apparently if we use a DC lead we will get a better quality. (my husband is telling me all this !!)

      There's some good info on the web for this also!
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      Thanks Susan. I'll pass this on to the technical dept (Mr Skink).


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