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    Thread: The Dark Side to Working Abroad.

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      Thinking The Dark Side to Working Abroad.

      I saw an advert back in 2010 advertising a Job working abroad on an island off the coast of Greece which had been advertised as $85.00 a week with free food and lodging, I found myself interested and applied and after a little while I received a reply and got told I had got the Job along with a pre-booked flight.

      I then informed the Job-Center that I had found work and was going over-sea's to work by returning my ES45 tear off strip on my paper-work.

      When I arrived I found out my Job entailed working from 8am until 5.30 with one 30 minute lunch-break and my Job entailed sanding down a storage shed over 50 Feet in length and then painting every square inch of naked wood with special wood preserver sometimes working in 45 degree heat swaying 45 feet off the ground in the wind. I also later found out the Job-Center had refused me my benefits because despite returning the ES45 returning to work form they had apparently recieved it a week late and did not think I was entitled to any job-seekers entitlement.

      When I quired my wages with the person who had hired me expecting the possibility of some re-negotiation about the amount they where paying I got told very blankly "no re-negotiations" and after my first month of work received my first pay packet which entailed the grand total of $300.00 for a whole months work with only one day off a week, then after I sat down and then worked that out it equated to being paid the equivalent of $12.50 a day.

      12.50 x 6 x 4 = 300.00

      Whilst working at this resort you where openly encouraged by the other staff to take out a bar tab which then meant by the end of the month after swigging a few cold beers at the end of a very hot day you had in point of fact earned nothing, leaving you with no money for any recreational time to yourself, no money for duty free smokes and no money to call loved ones at home (like their was a pay phone nearby!)

      I was originally hired on a three month temporary basis which then turned into five and was looking at turning into six (manager was going "you can't leave") before I decided that enough was enough and I did a runner.

      As I had no way to get out of the country I ended up having to ask friends back home to book me a ticket to get out of the country and after that I literally had to steal the money to get off the island from another member of staff who was half my age and being paid the approximate sum of $1800.00 at the end of every month, as we where roomies finding where he stashed his cash wasn't difficult oh and that persons Job entitled standing on a beach, wearing shades and standing in the shade looking cool.

      No lifting a sander, mop or brush for the likes of him.

      I got about as far as the mainland airport before I was nabbed by the local Hellenic filth who arrested me on the spot because my room mate reported his money was missing and his room mate was no where to be found (where they really that surprised?), they took me down to the local police station and incarcerated me with the general population after relieving me of all my possessions including any money, my cell mates included the usual, thieves, thugs and drug traffickers.

      Whilst in the delightful Jail house with cockroaches singing all hours of the night I got to meet most of my cell mates and got to hear their story, one guy was beaten positively black and blue and covered with cigarette burns, which apparently he had received from the local Police because he had been suspected (suspected mind you) of handing someone in the cells drugs and after they kicked seven colors of crap out of him they then concluded he didn't have any drugs on him when they couldnt find any in his possession.

      Another guy I got to know quite well had been caught smoking a Joint and a Police dog had smelt it and because of that the officers had raided his car to find him in possession of approx $5.00 (five bucks) worth of cannabis and when I was finally released on bail, I later heard from others in that hell-hole that for this minor indiscretion he was given two and a half years in Jail, so travelers take note unlike the UK these foreign countries have some pretty unbelievably harsh and stiff penalties.

      After being interviewed for an entire day with some detective with raging halitosis who was popping "antibiotical medication" for some nasty sinus flu that was going around I was then shoved back into the cells to stew for a further 24 hours and found myself starting to come down with what-ever it was that was going around. (perhaps that was their plan, make you too sick to travel before they let you out)

      After I was arraigned with a trial date after being man-handled in-front of a Judge whilst hand-cuffed to the wrist of a heroin addict I had some magistrate telling me "if you leave, you may never return to greece!" at which point all I could think was "you know what buddy, I don't really ever want to return to greece!" and after being loosened I then had to walk approx 16.5 miles to get to the airport on the island to meet my flight.

      On arrival back home I found myself once again having to walk the 27.6 miles back into the city with no money to get there as the department for work and pensions had refused any benefit entitlement despite my signing on previously up until the time I found myself having to leave on very short notice.

      I then found upon my return I had to sit two HRT test's to establish if I was in point of fact british as I had turned black from working like a dog and baking in the sun. That further effected any benefit entitlement and I was then in arrears with my rent and found myself consequencly homeless which then took them over three months to do anything about. Having now just been re-housed I was surfing the Job advertisments the other day and decided to take a look at the web-site of the place that had originally hired me. When I did so I see they are once again advertising the possition of summer worker wanted doing exactly the same Job and I pity the poor idiot who falls for it primarily for the following reasons:

      1> When you get there you are actively told to lie to anyone who asks if you work there and say your on Holiday!
      2> You wont be allowed to re-negotiate the terms of any verbal contract you make!
      3> If you stay in the country for longer than 3 months you should be in possession of a special working VISA regardless of which country you are from EU or non-EU.
      4> You wont find any of that out until it's too late.

      Speaks volumes really "Hey, excuse me do you work here?"

      "No, mate, I always walk around on my holiday with a Mitre-Saw, spirit level and a Sander!"

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      Welcome Raybans! Cool story bro!