Happy New Year to you all!! It certainly looks like it will be for those of you considering contracting in the UK!

New Year, New you, New exciting job in the UK.?! The prospects for skilled contract workers in the UK really are booming as we enter into 2016. The fantastically buoyant UK Market conditions mean that businesses are keener than ever to use contingent staff to increase their productivity potential and fill vital strategic skill gaps. These skill shortages are creating a contract-rich environment in many sectors across the board with the UKs IT and Finance contractor market amongst the most popular in the world, according to recent Experis IT Skills Research.

The hiring of contractors is allowing businesses to maximise their serious scope for expansion, become more innovative and increase their skillset in the current booming climate. Contractors can go into 2016 with absolute confidence that their skills are highly sought after in the UK by recruiters who are crying out for skilled workers to replenish the rapidly diminishing pool of available talent. Contractors are hugely profiting from this shortfall, with the resulting rewards of higher rates of pay, more flexibility and a better work-life balance.

So it really does look as 2016 could indeed be a very happy, successful and fruitful New Year for contractors in the UK. Contact us today to find out how we at myOE can help you get started with your UK Visa and plan the most successful overseas experience ever!