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      Find.ing a job in miami/Tampa

      Hi all,

      I am a 24 yr old english guy who is looking to work and live in the miami/tampa area. I work as a mechanical engineer in england and have worked in the construction industry for over 5 yrs. I have experience at project manager level as well as on site (hands on experience)

      I was hoping someone could give me some ideas and paths to go down as getting across to america and finding work in this field.

      My gf goes to med school in tampa but her family live in miami. I have visited these areas on numerous occasions so i am not going into this blind. I just need a little help on where to start

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      From what I can see on your expertise. I can say that you won't have hard time in finding a job there. Try to look on classified ads.

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      Good luck with it

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      Quote Originally Posted by zatch View Post
      From what I can see on your expertise. I can say that you won't have hard time in finding a job there. Try to look on classified ads.
      If there was an abundance of jobs in the classifieds over here then we wouldn't have 11% unemployment. Indeed he would have a hard time finding a job here, especially in construction where there aren't any.
      What would make it impossible is that he doesn't have a visa to allow him to live here and work, and those visa's aren't easy to get.

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      I used to live in Tampa and I work in the homebuilding industry which unfortunately I got laid off a few years ago. I agree with Purple, times are definitely tough in FL right now. I have friends down there that are still having trouble finding jobs or should I say, finding well-paid jobs.

      However, the economy is slowly, but surely trying to dig itself out. My advice would be to look into a recruiting/staffing firm for your industry/expertise. They are usually quite helpful for someone with your experience.

      Good Luck!

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      Hi Britx,

      the clue here is the date of the post... it's from January. ;) Could be that he has changed his mind by now. Where abouts in Tampa did you live? I used to live there myself.

      Not much point in him looking at the recruiting agencies until he knows that he has the necessary qualifications to actually qualify for a visa. ;)

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      I saw the date of the post and I also saw the dates of everyone else that replied which was in July (6 months later), so I assumed that I could add my two cents in too. I did not know that there was a set time frame that you have to respond back to a post and if that is the case, then they should be closed for replies.

      Also, I was meaning for him to look into recruiting agencies after he sorted everything out with his visa.

      I have to say, Purple, that the short time I have been a part of this forum and the few posts/replies I have made, you always seem to have a lil 'tude with me and I am over it. I sent an email today to close my account.

      Good Luck with everything and I truly wish everyone on Brits Abroad the best!


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      The post didn't have any "'tude" as you put it, Britx.

      There is no time limit, and if you'd care to read the rest of the posts you would see that they were addressed to the second poster, they didn't address a response to the OP.
      Also, I'd suggest the so called 'tude" that you talk about may only be there in your own mind because I constantly edit your posts and remove the links to your website, which despite my reminders, you seem more interested in promoting on the boards, than actually posting for the fun of it.
      Also, IMHO your creating of a thread for Rememberance Day solely in order to get people to look at your own website blog was a very low trick.

      Your email will go to the Admin, I'm sure he will close the account for you without any problem. As far as I am concerned it will certainly save me a lot of time from having to not constantly proof read your posts to remove unnecessary links etc.

      Have a nice day, and remember folks, the message boards are not a venue for free advertising! :)
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