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      help i need a job in the usa

      Hi I work as a Clinical support worker in the UK, and have worked in the same hospital for 12 years as part of the hospital @night team.My role is to cover 9 surgical wards. I'm part of the cardiac arrest team, ILS trained. I also do male female urine catheters, Phlebotomy, and iv cannulation,also have my ECDL in computers, I'm looking for someone to sponsor me so that i can work in the USA, Fort Myers as i have somewhere to live, Does anyone know if i could find work in the USA. I will be over there on the 7th may for three weeks looking hard for work. thanks for reading this and i hope someone could help me

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      Andy Chapman
      Maybe a little late for you but iv'e found this Forum in Fort Myers, might be worth looking into. Good Luck

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