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      How about Portugal? Apart from the Algarve, there is also Central Portugal, where the temperature is usually around the high 20s - mid 30s in the summer - never unbearable. We are in a region of rivers and pine forests, with nearby mountains, and the Atlantic coast is only an hour away.

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      Quote Originally Posted by thearmchairdetective View Post
      I thought I would start a thread about those of us who are later in life who would like to live and work in a country other than their own.

      Trying to get a job in one's own country, later in life is hard enough but how harder or easier might it be to transfer skills learnt in one country to another country that wants them.

      So lets define some area's.

      Later in Life: Has to be between 45 and 65. Because most migration is for under 45's and most people retire at 65.

      Abroad: The country you want to move to.

      To kick things off.

      I am 52, I am a retired (relativity senior) Police Officer with a bunch of educational qualifications that stood me in good stead for my police career.
      I currently live in the UK but would love to live and work in a country that has a better and warmer climate than the one I currently "enjoy".
      I am not sure as to what area my skills could/could not transfer to in a different country.

      Am I the only one in this boat?

      Has anyone in a similar position made a move to a different country even if on a temporary basis.


      Just to remind everyone of the original premise

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      wel ask if any one frm spain would concider help me have new start new life in spain and if there any pub work or hotel in expats going would concider let me no i would like like start seaching new yr if any one looking old men with expense in that
      kind of work

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      Not quite sure if the language will be a barrier in Spain with this one, or not....


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