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      Cool Looking for advice..

      Hi friends,

      I am from Delhi, India. I have been working in the Automation field for 7 years now and would like to start finding a job abroad anywhere in Europe.

      I have a passport but no visa to any country as yet. I been Googling best consultants in Delhi for work abroad. I did find a few consultants through them but the problem is when I rank them or visited them in person they all asked me to pay a deposit of 10K-25K INR. I am quite not sure about this because I have heard a few cases (and even read online in various forums) where the consultants first get you a job and when you are placed they will take an agreed percent from your salary for the agreed number of months. I do not mind paying an upfront fee but I do not want to be scammed.

      So, what are the things I should look out for when applying to these consultancies? Also, if you can "suggest" (and not just give me a list because list of consultancies are there in Google anyway), me some reputed consultancies that has experience in finding people job abroad then please let me know.

      Much appreciate your time and advice on this.

      K. Singh
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    2. Moneycorp - Commercial foreign exchange since 1979