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      Smile Moving to Bribane - Any advice would be really great!!


      I'm hoping to move over to Australia in July 2010 initially for 1 year- I'm thinking of Brisbane as it seems like a great location. I travelled down the east coast of Australia a few years ago and although I didn't really stop in Brisbane, I thought it seemed like the best location in terms of proximity to beaches etc. I have recently broken up with my partner of 3 years so I will be moving over alone - which is a bit daunting at the moment but also exciting!! I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice on the following areas:

      - I need to be able to work over there. I'm currently a Project Manager in London and would like to do something similar in Brisbane. Does anyone know how easy it would be to get a job in this line of business and whether there are any good recruitment agencies? Also does any one have any advice on the best type of Visa to get?

      - I want to rent a property but i've no idea what the best areas would be - any advice? I'm 28 and I really want to meet new people and get involved in lots of activities so i'm thinking it may be better to live in the city center. Are there any good property websites that I could look at? Also what is the average rental cost for a flat and what bills tend to be included?

      - Any other advice would be welcomed!!

      Sorry for all the questions but there's a lot to think about and I thought I would ask advice from people who have made the move themselves.

      Many thanks


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      Hi Jackie, disappointing not to see some reply to question. I am here in Brisbane I've been here only 3 weeks involved with an LNG project.
      click on the link or copy it into your search bar. You should see some agencies who may be able to assist, you can contact me at essolng@gmail.com.


      I have not had much chance to explore the surrounding area of Brisbane but am told it is very nice. Within in the city things (food/drink) are expensive, some good walks and cycle rides I even came across some rock climbing and not far from that there's beach street man made of course.

      Hope this helps

      All the best to you, good luck.

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      I thought that someone from our Aussie section would have replied to it too.

      Good to see there's a Brisbanian in the forum though. ;)

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      I guess Jackie has given up on this forum, shame on you Aussie's.

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      At least you made the effort Bayrak. :)