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    Thread: FIFA World Cup

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      Wink FIFA World Cup

      Only 59 day to go!!!!!!

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      I kind of like the tee shirts that I saw online recently.

      S N P
      Scotland Not Playing
      World Cup 2010

      With a print of the Jules Rimet Trophy behind it.

      Had to laugh at that.

      Come on England!!!!

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      Haven't seen that one!!!! LOL! I'm not really an avid avid football fan but do get all patriotic when some of the bigger matches happen. Not sure on England's chances, I think they are third favourites but what the hell does that mean..based on past performance!!!!!

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      3rd Favourites? That kind of makes us a favourite NOT to get into the final then???
      Based on previous perfomance and disappointments, I'd say that much as I want England to win it, and much as I'll be flying the flag against our counterparts in the group (sorry USA, but I will), I don't expect us to actually win the World cup.
      Same as every time, we'll make the quarter finals, the country will get all hopeful and everyone at home will suddenly expect us to win it... and then we won't.
      1966 is a long time ago. ;)
      If they make the semi's I'll be happy.

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      I agree with all, semi's good final betta, c'mon England, u can do it i know u can ha ha, then i woke up

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      After watching the game against Japan at the weekend, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that wasn't a sign of things to come in the World Cup.. because if it was, we're in big trouble against any decent side.

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      I agree with the Japan game, was a little dismal ... but remember it's no more than a public training session so wouldn't get too concerned.

      I am just wanting England to progress further than Germany and Australia, am thinking England will make the Semis ..... if they go all the way I will be having a MASSIVE celebration like most on here!


      PS....love the SNP!!

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      True enough, the Japan game was a warm up. No sweat just yet, all we have to do is beat the US for a start, and I'm hopeful we should do that pretty easily. (US defence is shaky).
      I could possibly see the US beating Germany if they make it out of the group stage in second and Germany in 1st. Australia, I don't really see going into the playoff stage.
      If we can keep 11 men on the pitch in the quarter finals, we actually stand a chance of going all the way (remember Becks and Rooney?) The penalties is something we could do without too. Gotta win them all inside the 90 mins I think.

      Listen, if we hit the semi's I'm celebrating! If we make the finals I'll be up for the biggest all day party I've ever done! In fact my whole family will.
      I'll be home for the last two weeks of the competition (fly back on the Tuesday afer the final... just in case we make it all the way, give me a day to recover before the flight).

      Thanks for the vote of confidence on the SNP signature, for a start I was a tad worried it might be "inflamatory" to someone and that I'd have had to remove it for the sake of peace on the forum lol. No complaints so far anway.


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      Whiskey Pilgrim
      If anyone is travelling up the Pennisular to get the Ferry in Bilbao and want to catch Live world cup coverage of Aul Bilghty go to Gernika to Scanlan´s Whiskey Tavern who relay all games.The problem up north is that most of the local bars have Euskatel (who dont have the viewing rights) only Channel plus or Spanish TV5 who show Spanish games .Adios

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      It's started guys!
      So Mexico only drew against SA huh?
      So much for the analysts in the sports media that had SA down to lose that one!


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