Here is another that looks stunning. I love unique accommodation as you can probably tell

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With a luxurious spa built right into the mountain, Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa in Nevsehir offers a spectacular panoramic view over the dramatic jagged landscape of Cappadocia. This region in Anatolia, known for its cave structures, is a UNESCO world heritage site. However, not only are the surroundings breathtaking, this 5-star property does its utmost to pamper each guest from top to bottom.

Well designed rooms and suites with their romantic cave atmosphere let you enjoy every modern comfort including a digital jukebox and massage tub. The combination of raw cave walls, fine woods and high quality natural stone is unique.

Accessories such as embroidered pillows and carpets add Oriental accents. Unforgettable dining experiences combine with cozy, intimate accommodation and a very exclusive, cave-built private spa to create memories that will last a lifetime.