An International Driving Permit (IDP) is valid for 12 months from the date of issue

Recognised internationally, an IDP normally allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle when accompanied by a valid UK driving licence.

Most countries require a 1949 Convention IDP but for certain countries, a 1926 Convention IDP is necessary.

  • The AA is authorised to issue both the 1926 and 1949 Convention IDPs to applicants 18 years and over who hold a valid UK driving licence, or can obtain such a licence on the basis of a valid pass certificate.
  • IDPs cannot be issued to a holder of a UK provisional driving licence without the test pass certificate and provisional driving licence.
  • An IDP is a permit for use in conjunction with your driving licence, not in place of it
  • In some countries, you risk being fined or worse for relying solely on an IDP

Is an IDP the same as an International Driving Licence (IDL)?

No. An IDL is not a legally recognised document and will not enable you to meet national requirements to carry an IDP.

Before applying for an IDP you must:

Important notes

  1. IDP applications can not be made any more than three months in advance of the date of travel. An IDP can not be backdated under any circumstances.
  2. Persons going to a country to take up residence or employment, or for any reason other than tourism, should make enquiries about their personal position before relying on a permit.
  3. It is important to check the accuracy of the personal information printed on your driving licence. If there are any errors or you have a change of name or address, you should immediately notify the DVLA/DVLNI.
  4. When hiring a car overseas remember that driving licence requirements worldwide do vary. Therefore, if you are making an advanced reservation in the UK, ask the company concerned to confirm driving licence requirements of the country to be visited. In the absence of such information consider an IDP as a precautionary measure, especially if travelling outside Europe.
  6. All International Driving Permits will be returned to UK addresses by standard first class mail, unless the optional 'secure post' fee is paid. We do not accept responsibility for items that may be delayed or lost in the post.

Below is a list of countries for which a permit is required or recommended together with information about the type of IDP required.

This information refers to UK driving licence holders only. We are unable to advise holders of overseas licences for travel outside the UK.
If the country you are visiting is not shown, please check the requirements through the appropriate tourist offices or embassies, and any relevant car hire company.

Generally, UK licences are accepted in other EU countries unless otherwise specified below.

List of countries for which a permit is required

An IDP is required for the following countries.
Special conditions or requirements apply for those countries in the list below with one or more capital letters alongside. It is important that you refer to the corresponding note(s) at the foot of this page.

IDP 1926

Brazil (E, P)
Burundi (E)

IDP 1949

Albania (E)
Algeria (L)
Angola (L)
Australia (E)

Bahamas (I)
Bahrain (A, M)
Bosnia (L)
Botswana (A, E)
Brunei (A, E)
Bulgaria (D)
Burkina Faso (E)

Cambodia (Kampuchea) (K)
Cameroon (E)
Canada (E)
Cape Verde (E)
Cayman Islands (C)
Central African Republic
Chile (L)
Congo (Democratic Republic of)
Congo (Republic of)
Cook Islands (G)
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Croatia (A)
Curaηao (Netherlands Antilles)
Czech Republic (D)

Djibouti (C)
Dominica (C)

Ecuador (E)
Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea (E)
Ethiopia (C)
French Guiana (E)
Gabon (E)
Georgia (A,E)
Ghana (E)
Grenada (C)
Guadeloupe (E)
Guatemala (E)
Guinea Bissau (C)
Guinea Republic (E) Guyana (E)

Hong Kong (E)
Hungary (F)

Iceland (E)
Israel (A, E)
Italy (F)


Kenya (E, I)
Korea (South)
Kyrgyzstan (E)

Laos (E)
Lebanon (A, M)
Lesotho (E)
Liberia (C)

Macao (Macau)
Macedonia (E)
Madagascar (E)
Malaysia (E)
Mali (E)
Mauritania (E)
Mauritius (C)
Mexico (E)
Montenegro (E)
Morocco (E)
Mozambique (E)
Myanmar (Burma) (K)

Namibia (L)
Nepal (H)
Nicaragua (E)

Oman (G)

Peru (E, Q)
Philippines (A, E)
Portugal (F)

Qatar (A, C)
Reunion (E)
Romania (F)
Russian Federation

Sabah (Malaysia)
San Marino (F)
Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia (A, B, E)
Seychelles (E)
Sierra Leone
Singapore (A,E)
Slovenia (D)
South Africa (D, J)
Spain (including Balearic and Canary Isles) (F)
Sri Lanka (N)
St. Kitts & Nevis (G)
St. Lucia (G)
St. Vincent (G)
Sudan (C)
Swaziland (L)

Taiwan (M)
Tanzania (A, C)
Trinidad & Tobago (I)
Tunisia (L)
Turkey (I, L)

Uganda (I)
United Arab Emirates

Vietnam (G)

Yemen (C)

Zambia (E)
Zimbabwe (L)

Important Notes

A – Required for car hire.

B – Women not permitted to drive.

C – IDP recommended. Temporary local licence may be obtained on production of UK licence, but this may be time consuming and more expensive.

D – UK driving licences that do not incorporate a photograph must be accompanied by an IDP.

E – IDP recommended.

F – All valid UK driving licences should be accepted. Acceptance of driving licences that are not of the European Communities model cannot be guaranteed therefore drivers may wish to voluntarily update them before travelling abroad, if time permits. Application for D1 (in Northern Ireland DL1) is available from most Post Offices. Alternatively, older licences may be accompanied by an IDP.

G – National licence or IDP should be presented to the police who will issue a visitors licence.

H – IDP valid for 15 days – local licence must then be obtained.

I – UK driving licences valid for 90 days.

J – IDP recommended as, in the event of an accident, some insurance companies will insist on seeing one. Additionally those licences which do not incorporate a photograph need to be accompanied by photographic proof of identity.

K – IDP must be exchanged for a local driving licence. A small charge will be made.

L – An IDP is compulsory for holders of driving licenses not incorporating a photograph and also recommended for photocard licence holders.

M – IDP compulsory and must be certified by the local authorities on arrival.

N – IDP must be accompanied by a recognition permit available for a small fee from the AA of Ceylon in Colombo.

P – Officially a certified translation is required from the Consulate.

Q – For stays longer than 30 days.

International Drivers License Application Form
You can apply via Post, Post Offices, RAC and AA