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Bank-beating exchange rates & no transfer fees with moneycorp

By John from moneycorp

Transferring moneyoverseas? If you are then using your bank for your overseas money transfers can be very expensive. Using a specialist foreign exchange company, like moneycorp, can be much cheaper ensuring you get the most for your money.

There are a few reasons why you could make huge savings some of these are listed below.

  • Moneycorp can offer better exchange rates than the banks typically up to 4% better saving you money.
  • No transfer fees for Brits Abroad forum members banks can charge up to 40 every time you send money overseas therefore you can save money on fees alone.
  • Expert guidance receive personal guidance and information on the Australian dollar this can be invaluable as the exchange is always moving. Timing is very important when sending money overseas.

Get started with moneycorp

The first step is to register for a free, no obligation moneycorp account - the process only takes a few minutes click here to register online with moneycorp.

Once registered, you will have an Account Manager on hand to provide live quotes and they can talk through your requirements in detail.

If you would just like more information, you can visit the currency homepage on the BritsAbroad website.

Moneycorp is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority they have been providing foreign exchange services for over 35 years.