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    Thread: Insurance- advice needed!

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      Cool Insurance- advice needed!

      Hi Everyone,

      I am moving to Indonesia for a year to work, and I have been trying to find some decent (and not too pricey) travel insurance which will cover me for lost belongings and for any health costs. I don't seem to fall into the multi-trip annual insurance bracket, as I will mostly be in Indonesia, but I do want to travel in the region while I am there so I don't quite fall into the single-trip insurance bracket. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for good insurers. A google search just produced adverts, not advice!

      Many thanks in advance


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      Hey Laura, welcome to Britsabroad

      I don't have any advice, but we do have plenty of members that are in that area so hopefully there will be some replies.

      Enjoy the forum!


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      Hi Laura
      Welcome to the forum. You're probably best looking for something like gap year / career break insurance. Have at look at Endsleigh https://travel1.endsleigh.co.uk/gap....D=&ReferralID= there's bound to be others as well.
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      I know of a good company that specialises in Expat insurance. They also specialise in Income Protection Insurance, so as you are working, maybe that could be a consideration?

      I know I am new here and don't have much rep, but I just really want to help because I believe in what goes around, comes around.

      Check out :




      The second link has a number of helpful tools. So have a look around. I, myself, haven't got a quote from them, so I don't know if they are pricey or not. But I just like the tools and the updates. The Hospital Directory is cool too.

      But yea, hope this helps.
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      When we relocated we looked at a bunch of different companies.
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