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      Cool Insuring Your UK Car When You're Abroad

      Hi all,

      I'm guessing this is the right area to post this.

      I've recently got back from living in Spain and I've already got the bug again! I'm thinking of making Singapore my next stop but I am determined to plan far better this time (my first excursion was problematic in many instances just because I wasn't fully prepared).

      One of my main gripes with my time in Spain is the fact I sold my UK car when I left thinking I wouldn't need it. I ended up travelling home a fair bit and quickly got frustrated with the lack of transport.

      So, I've decided I'm going to keep my new car and insure it under a scheme that allows me to drive it whenever I need.

      So far I've found this company who talk about expat insurance: http://www.keithmichaels.co.uk/speci...car-insurance/ but I'm really not sure where to begin in all honesty. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? I feel like it's going to be a bit of a minefield so any tips you guys can provide would be awesome.


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      sorry KR i cant help you on this one , how long are you staying in Singapore for ? Cant you just leave your car on a friends drive uninsured until you return .......?