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      OzForex MArket Update (15/11/2010 - 19/11/2010)

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      The Euro Zone’s precarious position and growing realization that a rescue of Ireland could cost UK taxpayers and additional 7 Billion pounds as well as expose UK banks to potential write-offs on Irish government debt boosted demand for the relative security of the US Dollar. The USD climbed to 0.6314 against the GBP this week, the highest level since 28 October. Earlier in the week the UK reported a drop in housing prices and an increase in inflation of 3.2% last month restricting the Bank of England’s ability to take action.

      Positive data from Australia and New Zealand snapped last week’s losing streak against the Sterling for the commodity currencies. Out of New Zealand, retail sales figures surprised the market growing 1.6%. The Aussie rallied to 0.6200 GBP whilst the Kiwi fellow to 0.4876 against the Pound. Commodity currencies also benefited this week over European uncertainty. Comments from Irish policy makers suggest the Green Isle may be drawing close to accepting aid from the EU and IMF. The development eased investor jitters, strengthening the Euro and commodity currencies.

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      Jon Sermon
      Alliance Manager www.ozforex.com.au
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    2. Moneycorp - Commercial foreign exchange since 1979
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      With the cost of wholesale funding / loans increasing and the extra burden on the Australian government to pay of it s debt due to the strong Aus Dollar. Is Australia at risk or starting a double bubble recession?

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      Good info Jon, thanks
      Good question too Nicole.