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      Transferring funds abroad?

      Getting the best deal on your foreign exchange transfer is simple and can mean you are thousands of dollars better off when you transfer funds around the world.

      Security of funds – if you are using a non bank provider, do they hold an Australian (or other relevant) Financial Services License?
      What margin are they charging you? Very often, providers will not disclose what margin they are taking from you. In order to calculate the margin yourself, compare the rate you have been offered with the interbank rate (i.e. the wholesale rate). Make sure that they will stick to this margin if you choose to trade right there and then. Often margins are quoted tightly and then not available upon trading.
      What other fees are they charging you? Again, additional fees are not always revealed unless you ask the question. Make sure you ask about transfer fees, commissions as well as receiving and intermediary bank fees. These can all add up and make what first seemed like a competitive rate not very competitive at all.
      What advice and hedging tools are they offering you? Having access to hedging tools such as limit orders and forward exchange contracts can make a huge difference to your bottom line - particularly in a highly volatile market like the one we are currently experiencing.

      I hope the above helps you


      Jon Sermon
      Alliance Manager
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    2. Moneycorp - Commercial foreign exchange since 1979
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