Hello all, I'm sure you've heard similar stories to mine but here goes!
I've made the decision to come back to London after 6 years of living in Japan. Phew, felt good to write it! Been spending my time teaching children and working with returnees, but craving something more. Also I'm craving the comforts of home and the familiarity of lovely English people.

During my time abroad I've decided that I would love to work in nonprofit, in some kind of charity work. I'm taking up some volunteering while I wait out my contract, to boost my chances.

my question - has anyone had trouble finding work? What were your experiences of finding a job once you landed? I don't imagine it will be easy, if my mother's doomsaying about the economy and the number of jobless graduates is anything to go by.

I hope I can talk about my experience as a teacher abroad as a talking point in interviews. Did you?

thank you for reading!