Where do I begin?
I lived in Scotland, Aberdeenshire all my life until about eleven years ago when the bankruptcy of my father forced our family out of the home we had been living in for over twenty years. This ultimately led us to sadly leave the UK and move to another country where my mother had family. At the time, I only had a job in the local supermarket and it would have not been enough to support me living on my own. I never wished to leave Britain and each day away from my home country has been a nightmare. Since then, I have received little help from the country I currently reside and have failed to find a job here due to many reasons. Now, my parents and family have little means to support me if I was to return back to the UK and with only a school leavers education, I have little chance of returning home without help. There is no-one back in Scotland whom I can contact and after being effectively stranded in another country for so long, I am beginning to loose hope with each passing year. Can anyone advice me on how I can return home?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.