I have decided to move back to the UK after 2 and a half years in Sweden. Its been a long uphill struggle and although things are starting to even out I applied for a good job and got it so I am going back. I cant say I am particularly excited to be returning but it is a good career move and should hopefully help in my goal of working as a contractor in the future. I own a small house in the UK which I intend to put some time and money into and then sell with the luxury of not having to do that from abroad. It seems odd to be moving back to plan moving away again but administratively living in two countries is a bit of a nightmare and you never appreciate how simple it is to function in the UK until you live abroad. I have my goals - contracting 6 months a year and mortgage free within 4 years - and unfortunately it will take me twice as long to do that from where I am sitting now.