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      Desperately Need Help

      Hello Everybody I am a new member just joined.

      I am a 59 year old British citizen who has lived and worked in S.E. Asia for over
      twenty five years. I have been married to a Thai citizen for twenty years. Three years ago I was diagnosed
      with cataracts on both eyes and double vision. I attended three different and independent medical institutes
      who all provided me with identical results, so there remains no doubt in my mind that the diagnosis is
      accurate and correct.

      Unable to continue working my resources and savings were exhausted during 2015. At this
      point I was forced to vacate my rented accommodation and go and live upon the land of my wife's parents,
      situated in a tiny farming village in the North of Thailand.

      My relationship with my wife has always been remarkably close in a marriage that I thought had stood the test
      of time. However, since our arrival at her parents house the relationship has disintegrated into something
      today that is bordering upon personal abuse. She first advised me twelve months ago that our marriage was over
      and has been demanding that I leave ever since. I do not reside with her, she lives in her Mother's house
      while I remain a virtual prisoner due to my visual disability in a 4 meter X 4 meter block out building with
      open spaces for windows and doors where the dirt flies in. The conditions in which I have lived for two
      years I consider to be inhumane, I would most certainly be breathing cleaner air if I were living in the
      street. I can provide pictures or video should anyone wish to see.

      I have remained here because I am devoted to the three Old English Sheepdogs that I have kept for four years.
      My wife being wholly incapable of taking care and looking after these dogs.

      Unfortunately, my wife has informed me that her family are now "considering" paying people to physically remove
      me. This means that I now exist under a constant shadow of fear.

      I possess a valid retirement visa.

      I have been able to generate a very small amount of money working on the internet each month approximately 100 USD which has had to
      suffice for the cost of my internet connection 25 USD per month and providing something to eat for my dogs and
      myself. It is never enough I am always in a position of having no money.

      In the coming days at sometime around about the 10th/12th of January 2018 I am expecting an unusually large
      payment of some 300 USD. My wife who is aware that this payment is coming but does not know the exact date,
      is already demanding money from me.

      There is no way I will have enough money to purchase a new retirement visa when my existing visa expires Which means by remaining in Thailand
      in overstay I risk ending up in a Thai prison.

      The larger payment I am receiving is a one off, it actually represents two years of part time work. I have a
      very simple choice go now or don't go at all. I am more than well aware that a door behind me is closing and
      that if I do not turn and run for that door it is going to be too late.

      As soon as the money arrives or a day or two after I will break out of here at midnight, it is imperative
      that my wife does not know of my departure. My destination will be Bangkok.

      This is not the first time I have done this. On the 2nd December 2017 I broke out of here at midnight with
      just 50 USD in my pocket. I reached Bangkok but of course my money quickly finished. I had sent an emergency
      email to the British Consulate in Bangkok, one week earlier, advising that I had little choice but to apply for emergency

      To this day one month later ... I never even received the courtesy of a response.

      In Bangkok I attended the British Embassy in person. The treatment I received there was not only
      Highly Incompetent and Rude it was a Disgrace.

      I was shocked.

      I was sent out into the night half blind, alone, carrying heavy luggage in the middle of Bangkok with 6 USD the
      British Embassy had afforded me for a taxi having assured me it was sufficient. The first two Taxis I stopped
      asked for 30 USD.

      I finally arrived at my destination 4 hours later via a taxi that had also asked for 30 USD but took pity upon
      me and settled for 6 USD.

      I was dumped into the center for 'Beggars and the Destitute' when I asked the British Embassy official how long
      I would have to stay there I was informed "3 days"

      By the commencement of the 7th day nobody from the British Embassy had bothered to contact me via the
      telephone. It was as if I didn't even exist anymore.

      Remarkably, I have never owned a mobile telephone. I befriended the cleaning lady and asked her to send a text
      message to my wife, that I would return to Thailand to collect my dogs and take them back to the UK as soon as
      I possibly could.

      The next day my wife telephoned the cleaning lady and informed me that one of my dogs had stopped eating, was
      losing weight rapidly and would I return to the North of Thailand as she might die if I did not.

      Foolish, but entirely devoted to these dogs I never had a choice. I discharged myself and returned back to
      Northern Thailand. Whereupon I found that my wife had lied to me, there was nothing wrong with my dog, she was
      eating perfectly normally.

      However, my first venture to Bangkok was not in vain. I managed to contact very high profile Attorneys from
      the Office of Public Prosecution where I had worked ten years earlier. They very quickly agreed to
      purchase me an air ticket to return to the UK.

      Upon this my second attempt to get back to the UK I shall entirely bypass the sheer incompetence of the
      British Embassy and re establish contact with my Thai friends.

      I find it a disgrace that I have to go begging to Thai people to get me home when my own so called Government
      will do nothing for me.

      At the home where I stayed for 7 days there was in my room an application form issued by the Canadian Government for
      Canadian citizens wishing to request financial assistance from the Government.

      I was offered no such option.

      I am most certainly within the eyes of the UK ... A Most Unwanted Arrival.

      Unfortunately, things only get worse.

      Due to a set of unique circumstances I have no family.

      At the end of World War II my Father married a German girl in Berlin and upon his return to the UK in 1945 he was
      Expelled from the family for having brought disgrace to the family by marrying ... a Nazi !!

      Emotions were high at this time, everybody had lost a son or more.

      I never met or knew any of the Uncles, Aunts, cousins etc etc from my Father's side of the family.

      My Mother came from a small town on the Polish border called 'Nice' At the point of the advancing Red Army
      and what was known to be happening to 19 year old German girls, my Mother fled to Berlin where she thought
      her chances were better with The British and The Americans. Of course my Mother's home town and most of her
      family were swallowed up by what became Eastern Germany. I always remember her saying to me that while she
      could have got in they would never have allowed her to leave. My Mother did not see her family again for over
      35 years. Likewise I never knew an Auntie, Uncle etc etc.

      My combined family was my Mother, my Father and my Brother. My Father died of lung cancer in approximately
      1982 within 5 years my brother was killed in an air crash in Canada and my Mother died in 2010 of old age.

      I am totally alone.

      In the past two years I have searched frantically on the internet to try and find someone I once knew,
      but have failed.

      I shall, I hope, find myself standing in the Arrivals at Heathrow Airport, with no money, with nobody to meet
      me, with nowhere to go, with eyesight so bad I am restricted to blurry vision of about 20 meters, after which everything just
      becomes a grey fog. Trying to get across busy roads is like playing Russian Roulette vehicles fly out of the grey
      soup that is my field of vision it is a very dangerous position. There will be nobody I can telephone in a
      country in which I am unwanted.

      ... and that is my best case scenario.

      I am expecting that I will have to sleep in the streets,
      I have known this for a long time. In my first attempt to break out from here, my luggage was 80 pct full with
      two duvet covers ready for sleeping rough in a UK winter. I expect my second attempt to be the same. I'm
      bringing my bed with me !!

      It is a major worry that what little possessions I have will be stolen. Another concern is how will
      I be able to visit all of the places I will have to visit, like social services, citizens advice etc etc. As
      I discovered from my first aborted attempt my luggage was incredibly heavy. There will be nowhere to safely leave this luggage.
      I already know that social services will say, "there is nothing we can do, a decision has to be made about
      you and that might take 6 months"

      The truth is, I have no interest in handouts and benefits, I would like to get my eyes fixed up and start
      working, that is the way to get myself back on my feet, it is also the way I might be able to save these poor dogs
      whom I love with all of my heart.

      I am so very sorry that my story is so long and for your time that I have used. I am just hoping by including
      so many details that somebody will appreciate how hopeless and desperate my plight has become.

      I blame nobody other than myself for the situation I now find myself in. We are all responsible for where
      we choose to place ourselves and that which we choose to do. However, it is my belief that at various points
      in the lives of all people we all need the assistance of another person. I believe I have reached one of those
      points in my life.

      I am able to use the computer by utilizing the magnifying tool in Windows 7 at 600 pct.

      I would appreciate any form of advice that you might be able to offer me.

      Kindest Regards

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      That was a long story and I am sorry that you find yourself in such a predicament. If you do manage to get to the UK I would suggest that your best chance may be to go to a church... they probably will not be able to help directly, but they will be in a position to put you on he right track.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lifestyle Nomad View Post
      That was a long story and I am sorry that you find yourself in such a predicament. If you do manage to get to the UK I would suggest that your best chance may be to go to a church... they probably will not be able to help directly, but they will be in a position to put you on he right track.
      Well thank you Lifestyle Nomad, that was very kind of you to respond. A Church ! well your idea is certainly different, but having received no real assistance from Citizens Advice, Turn2Us, Shelter, and a host of other charities and Institutes including the Astonishingly Incompetent British Embassy, A Church certainly would not be any worse from that I have already experienced. There is an impressive list of Institutes out there all looking like they have been setup to assist people in distress, trouble is when you actually need one ... you end up getting passed on from one place to another to another to another. Seemingly nobody actually wants to help you. So yes, I might end up in Church either that or The Samaritans.
      Thank you again